Hi there!

This is Bhavana from Hyderabad, software engineer by profession.

My love for writing, made me create this blog. I would be sharing food recipes, My sketches and lettering, tips on personal care and also home remedies for beauty and health.

You are what you think not what you talk.

IMG_20161121_122316I can spend a whole day just by sitting in front of a window, reading and having coffee on a rainy day.

I love dancing (Zumba) and not to forget sleeping!

Hyderabad from place.

I am not a professional artist but love to sketch and Letter in different styles.

My little soul-my daughter Khushi.

I Believe in Karma 😉

Music for life, fan of AR Rehman, Maroon5, Taylor swift….its a big list 😛

Follow me on instagram – mebhavs. 🙂

Hope you encourage me and support me further….with love!